Sunday, April 27, 2008

SHIP Annual Reports: Training Videos

These videos provide a brief introduction to the subjects of the annual reporting and tracking of SHIP funds. They may prove helpful if you are new to working with the SHIP program, or you have recently taken over the responsibilities of SHIP tracking and annual reporting. Review the April 11 Post for additional information and training opportunities about SHIP annual reporting and tracking.

To advance or back-up the video, use your cursor to click on the red dot below the video, hold down and drag it left or right.

A. Introduction to SHIP Annual Reporting and Tracking
*Review of SHIP Timeline Chart
*Encumbrance and Expenditure Deadlines
*General Rule: First In, First Out

B. Set Aside Review
You know that SHIP has allotments—or Set-Asides—for homeownership assistance; for very low and low income assistance; and for new construction and rehabilitation activities. Do you know all the details? Check your knowledge with this review of the Set-Aside requirements.

a Homeownership Set-Aside

a Construction/Rehabilitation Set-Aside

a Income Set-Aside

C. More Details about Tracking and Reporting
Tracking: “It’s the Law”
· Track expenditures “per household”
· Data to collect
· Tracking is a program requirement

“Dance the TRAKSHIP Two Step”
· Tracking is a 2 Step Process
· Update Daily
· Introduction to TRAKSHIP, the SHIP tracking system designed by the Florida Housing Coalition.

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