Friday, April 11, 2008

TIPS: Affordable Housing Advisory Committees

The SHIP Statute and Rule have recently changed. They now require each SHIP jurisdiction to assemble an Affordable Housing Advisory Committee composed of 11 representatives of several housing stakeholder groups. This committee must create a report on the subject of Land Use "Regulatory Reform" and "Incentive Strategies" to promote the development of affordable housing. Here are some specific requirements related to the advisory committees:

1. The deadline to establish and appoint the board members by resolution or ordinance is June 30, 2008

2. A report is due every three years. The first mandatory report is due December 31, 2008. Naturally, the committee members will have to meet more than once to consider the topic of regulatory reform/incentive strategies before writing a report. The SHIP and Statute do not dictate a specific number of meetings required.

3. These are the SHIP citations that refer to the committee.
SHIP Statute: First part of section 420.9076
SHIP Rule: Section 67-37.010

The Coalition offered a web-based training on this topic in February. The Coalition is now offering an audio recording—which is called a Podcast when it is played on an IPOD or other MP3 player—of this online Webinar. For those who were unable to participate in these brief, one-time-only trainings in February, 2008, the Coalition offers this podcast, along with the corresponding powerpoint presentation for each. Webinar “Affordable Housing Advisory Committee”

1. First download the powerpoint to your computer
2. Next, turn up the volume on your computer and click
3. Finally, open up the powerpoint to follow along with the training.

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