Friday, April 11, 2008

Updated SHIP Tracking Spreadsheet

The Coalition announces its release of updated software to assist local jurisdictions with SHIP program changes.

The newly revised spreadsheet is available at this link:

At the beginning of 2008, the Florida Housing Finance Corporation changed significant portions of the SHIP Rule, and some changes affect the SHIP Annual Report.

EXAMPLE #1: Future reports must detail sources of Program Income and Recaptured Funds, including foreclosure, refinance and sale of property.

EXAMPLE #2: SHIP administrators must report the amounts of administrative expenses spent by the local government and by sub-recipient agencies. The Annual Report must now include a list of sub-recipient organizations and consultants that help the jurisdiction implement its SHIP program.

The topic of tracking and reporting changes was discussed in February during four online trainings offered by the Florida Housing Coalition. The Coalition is now offering an audio recording—which is called a Podcast when it is played on an IPOD or other MP3 player—of this Webinar. For those who were unable to participate in these brief, one-time-only trainings in February, 2008, the Coalition offers this podcast, along with the corresponding powerpoint presentation for each.

Webinar “Annual Report Changes”

1. First download the powerpoint to your computer
2. Next, turn up the volume on your computer and click
3. Finally, open up the powerpoint to follow along with the training.

The Coalition also regularly offers a more in-depth workshop(5 hours in 3 sessions) online. If you are interested, email Pam Davis and ask to be added to the waiting list for the "Annual Report online Workshop".

In response to current SHIP Rule changes, the Coalition has updated the SHIP tracking spreadsheet it created to help SHIP administrators in the early years of the program. The Coalition’s tracking system—an Excel spreadsheet called TRAKSHIP—has been updated to track funding devoted to Extremely Low Income (ELI) households. The spreadsheet reviews the activities for ELI and Very Low Income households together to track compliance with the Income Set-aside. The new version of TRAKSHIP also includes more rows to track all the households assisted per strategy. This accommodates jurisdictions that provide more than 50 recipients with assistance from a single strategy. The updated software offers a new method useful when initially setting up a spreadsheet for a new SHIP distribution.

Remember, a SHIP jurisdiction is not required to use the exact tracking spreadsheet designed by the Coalition. Some may wish to only review the Coalition’s version as they work to create a customized tracking system for their local programs. The only requirement—as outlined in Section 67-53.005 of Florida Housing’s Compliance Rule—is that “the staff or entity with administrative authority for a local housing assistance plan must develop a tracking system to ensure that the local housing distribution funds disbursed from the local housing assistance trust fund are at all times expended in accordance with the set-aside requirements in Rule 67-37.007, F.A.C., and time restraints detailed at subsection 67-37.005(6), F.A.C.”.

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